Acne Treatment

Blue Light Therapy

For the treatment of moderate inflammatory acne, blue light therapy offers a safe and pain-free treatment option that kills the bacteria primarily responsible for acne breakouts. If your skin has not responded to other acne therapies, you should definitely consider this highly successful treatment.

Acne Surgery

Our staff at the Dermatology Clinic includes acne surgery specialists. As one the best skin specialist Wilsonville and Salem has, our highly skilled experts use surgical instruments to remove acne lesions, thereby eliminating the chance of further infection and scarring caused by popping pimples at home.

Photodynamic Therapy: Treatment of Acne and Pre-Cancerous Cells

Photodynamic Therapy is a new and exciting treatment used to treat a variety of dermatologic conditions such as actinic keratosis and acne.

This treatment first involves the application of a natural photosensitizing medicine, followed by the administration of a specialized laser light source to activate the medicine. This leads to selective destruction of pre-cancerous cells, acne bacteria, or overactive sebaceous gland tissue.

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