Clearing Up Your Acne Treatment Options

Clearing Up Your Acne Treatment Options

At our Wilsonville dermatology clinic, we’ve seen firsthand just how a big a difference a clear and healthy looking complexion can make towards improving our patients’ self-confidence and self-esteem.

Everyone has a different skin type that will respond better to certain type of treatments than to others. That’s why at the Dermatology Clinic, we offer patients several different advanced acme treatment options to best suit their individual needs.

If you have started to lose hope in ever getting the healthier looking skin you desire, don’t give up just yet. Our experienced team of skin care experts at our Wilsonville dermatology clinic have the treatments and experience needed to make problematic pimps go away for good.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most advanced acne treatment options we have to offer patients with persistent acne concerns.

Blue Light Therapy

If you deal with skin that’s resistant to the acne medications you’ve been prescribed, or if you just want to minimize your daily acne routine, blue light therapy could offer the answer you’ve been looking to find.

Blue light therapy uses a spectrum of light to treat certain conditions that sit directly on or slightly under the skin. Blue light therapy can only treat areas of the skin that light can touch. This limits treatment to surface-level conditions, making the treatment a perfect option for patients looking for a minimally invasive option that causes no discomfort.

Blue light therapy works to treat acne by eliminating the bacteria that’s primarily responsible for acne breakouts. The treatment also works to reduce swollen oil glands and to improve sebaceous hyperplasia.

Typically, patients undergoing this type of treatment will need to receive weekly sessions for consecutive weeks until the desired results are achieved.

Acne Surgery

For patients tired of experiencing repeated breakouts regardless of how many different treatment options they’ve tried, acne surgery offers an excellent option for preventing reoccurring acne breakouts that refuse to respond to traditional treatment options.

In this advanced treatment, the highly skilled skin care specialists at our Wilsonville dermatology clinic use surgical instruments to remove acne lesions, thereby eliminating any chance of additional infection caused by popping pimples at home.

Acne surgery usually includes a variety of different treatment options and not one particular procedure. The type of treatment procedure our specialists will use depends on the type of acne a patient experiences.

Photodynamic Therapy

The newest and potentially most exciting acne treatment option on our list, photodynamic therapy can treat a variety of dermatological problems that range from acne to actinic keratosis.

This type of therapy involves the application of a natural photosensitizing medication, followed by the administration of a special laser light that works to stimulate the medication into action. Depending on what part of the body is being treated, the medication may be either applied topically or with an injection.

By having the ability to apply the medication only to the areas of a patient’s skin they wish to treat, this type of therapy provides our doctors with an incredible level of precision. This leads to a selective destruction of acne bacteria or overactive sebaceous gland tissue.

Contact Our Office to Learn More

If you have any questions about the type of acne treatment best suited for your skin, contact our Wilsonville dermatology clinic. Our experienced staff will schedule you a skin care consultation with one of our skin care specialist.

Don’t let acne ruin how you feel about your appearance. Get the clearer, healthier looking skin you’ve been wanting by contacting the Dermatology Clinic today!

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